Grown ups and their childish games!

Sometimes you have to admit it there are rules to all games for a reason. There is logic, sense and reason to penalties, time outs, strikes, sent off’s, tackles, red cards, fouls, side lines etc. I often wonder isn’t locker room talk about the opposition games kids play? the real players play hard on the field. They play the game fairly and in sync with all rules of being in a team. Should one really like to play games shouldn’t they respect some basic rules? Where is it allowed to get away with hitting below the belt? Where is unruly aggression not penalized? How long has dirty pool been sustainable for anyone? When has a referee looked away at every unfair tackle? Do games where you sit across a table challenging wits, manipulating and conniving the other allow the pawns to not follow a path? Doesn’t even consistently lucky hands have to fold and give up bluffing eventually? How many times can one raise the stakes so dangerously so as to lose what they have? How many races have been won by runners tripping others? I just wonder and wonder if others wonder why must we play games that are no fun and convoluted.

I think people often mistake growing up with conveniently bending the rules of the game. Maturity for twisting facts to suit one’s self.

Even the most extreme and dangerous sport calls for personal digs being off limits. If one can’t respect the player, I suppose they should still respect the game!



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